Francis Bridal

Following the last post, another amazing designer we had on board for our Photoshoot was an amazing designer Francis Bridal of which our artist Cat had the chance to work with previously on their Lookbook and we knew we had to get them involved because her designs are just so beautiful.

Our models, photographer and stylist crowded round when we unveiled the dresses. It was safe to say the reception was great! Francis Bridal designer Trish creates dresses that truly embody (as the designer says) “you and your everyday style in the most wonderful and elevated way.” Which we totally love.

The Carbonne was definitely a favourite among the team. Below is the lookbook image from Trish’ collection and then below that is from our shoot. It looks great on everyone!!



The Albi Dress was also another favourite of ours. The stunning detailing of the dress is gorgeous, embroidered tulle lace looks so expensive and chic! Below is the Albi Dress.


Those are just our favourites but Francis Bridal has so many other stunning pieces so go take a look and see if her aesthetic is just what you’re looking for. Take it from us, she’s awesome!


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